About Us

In 1987 I finished the speciality of bee-keeping at Kaunas I. Miciurinas technical college. In the same year I started working at the apiary of the collective-farm "Ausra" in Skirsnemune, Jurbarkas region. I started looking after 110 bee families. Later I got married. In five years I privatized the apiary. I used to realize the honey in Jurbarkas market, in the fairs that were arranged in Lithuania. Communicating with customers I noticed that people know very little about kinds of honey, other bee products. I wanted to give more information and more interesting one about the Lithuanian honey.

In 2001 I privatized the land in Siline village, in a wonderful place in the territory of Panemune Regional Park. Under a nice nature shelter I would like to invite guests not only for a rest but to taste different kinds of qualitative honey. In future beside the bee-keeping I would like to start developing a country-side tourism too.


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